EasyPro Arching stream fountain with LED light

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Introducing the Arching Stream Fountain with LED Light, a sophisticated water feature designed to add an elegant touch to ponds, pools, or formal fountains. This fountain creates beautiful arching jets of water, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor or aquatic space. Here are the key features:

Key Features:

  • Elegance and Charm: Elevate the ambiance of any pond, pool, or formal fountain with the graceful arching jets of water produced by this fountain, adding a touch of elegance and charm to your outdoor environment.

  • Flow Range: Recommended for a flow range of 800 GPH to 1500 GPH, this fountain can be installed with most small pumps, providing flexibility and compatibility with various water systems.

  • Ideal Arch Specifications: Achieve an optimal display with a 6' to 10' arch and heights ranging from 5' to 6'. Longer arches can be created for indoor installations where wind is not a factor, allowing for versatility in design.

  • Clean Water Applications: Suitable for use in clean water applications, the internal sponge filters effectively remove fine particles that may disturb the flow. Periodic cleaning of the sponges is necessary to maintain proper water flow and ensure the fountain's performance.

  • Color Changing LED Light: The fountain features a 3-watt color-changing LED light, providing vibrant illumination to enhance the visual appeal, especially in the evening. The LED light comes with a 16' power cord, transformer, and remote control for convenient operation.

Enhance your outdoor or aquatic space with the captivating display of the Arching Stream Fountain with LED Light. With its elegant water arches and vibrant LED illumination, this fountain creates a mesmerizing focal point, adding both beauty and tranquility to your surroundings.