EasyPro Arching Stream Fountain Kit with Multi-Color LED

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Introducing the Arching Stream Fountain Kit with Multi-color LED, a comprehensive solution to bring elegance to any pond, pool, or formal fountain. This kit includes all the necessary components for a stunning water display, complete with vibrant color-changing LED illumination. Here are the key features:

Key Features:

  • Elegance and Tranquility: Transform your pond, pool, or formal fountain with the graceful arching jets of water, adding a touch of elegance and creating a serene atmosphere.

  • Complete Kit: The working kit includes a 1000 GPH pump, Arching Stream Fountain with a color-changing LED, a remote control for the LED light, a valve, fittings, and 12' of plumbing. Everything you need for a seamless installation is provided in this comprehensive kit.

  • Ideal Arch Specifications: This kit is designed to produce a 4' to 8' arch with a height of 4' to 6', offering versatility in creating the perfect water display for your specific space.

  • Clean Water Applications: Suitable for clean water applications, the internal sponge filters effectively remove fine particles that may disrupt the flow. Regular cleaning of the sponges is necessary to maintain proper water flow and ensure the fountain's performance.

  • Color-changing LED Light: The Arching Stream Fountain features a 3-watt color-changing LED light with a 16' power cord, transformer, and remote control. The LED light adds a mesmerizing and dynamic element to the water display, especially during the evening hours.

Elevate your outdoor or aquatic space with the captivating Arching Stream Fountain Kit with Multi-color LED. With its inclusive design and vibrant LED illumination, this kit provides a hassle-free solution to enhance the visual appeal and ambiance of your surroundings.