Easy Pro Barley Straw Pellets

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Barley Straw Pellets offer a natural solution to maintain clean and clear pond water:

  • Natural Ingredients: Made from concentrated barley straw, these pellets are 100% natural.
  • Safety: Safe for aquatic life and pets.
  • Effective and Steady Release: Provides fast-acting treatment with a steady and extended release.
  • Water Clarity: Aids in keeping the water clean and clear.
  • Usage Directions:
    • Application Method: Apply directly to pond water, preferably where there's movement and the water depth is less than 3 feet.
    • Initial Cloudiness: Water might turn cloudy briefly after application but will clear within a few days.
    • Application Rates:
      • For water features & koi ponds: Use 8 oz. (1 scoop) per 300 gallons of pond water. Reapply every 6 to 8 weeks.
      • For larger ponds: Apply 120 lbs. per surface acre by broadcasting the pellets into the pond. Reapply every 6 to 8 weeks.

These pellets seem like a user-friendly and environmentally safe option for maintaining water quality in ponds of various sizes!