Easy Pro Aqua Defend™ All-Natural Pond Water Treatment

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The Aqua Defend™ All-Natural Pond Water Treatment seems to offer comprehensive care for pond maintenance:

  • Bacteria Blend: Effective in breaking down waste and sludge, promoting a healthier pond environment.
  • Prevents Buildup: Helps prevent deposits on rocks, waterfalls, and in streams, maintaining their natural appearance.
  • Phosphate Binding: Binds phosphates, assists in pH buffering, and aids in the settling of particles.
  • Usage Instructions: Best applied when water temperatures are at least 50°F. A dosage of 2 oz per 1000 gallons of pond water weekly is recommended. For problematic ponds, double the dosage twice weekly until control is achieved, then revert to the regular weekly application.

It seems like a versatile treatment aimed at keeping the pond clean, balanced, and free from unwanted buildup!