Aquascape Dual Union 3″ Check Valve Assembly

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The Dual Union 3" CVA Check Valve is a reliable solution for preventing backflow in ponds and water features, offering a secure pump and plumbing connection within filters and waterfall vaults. Designed to ensure optimal functionality, this check valve effectively maintains water flow while preventing the unwanted backflow of water, particularly when the pump is turned off or during power outages.

The robust check valve flapper is built with durability in mind, ensuring a lasting performance that can withstand the demands of water features. When the valve is open, it facilitates maximum water flow, enhancing the efficiency of your system. Its design is tailored to keep water moving in the desired direction, preventing any backflow that could disrupt the functionality of your setup.

Featuring union connections on both sides of the valve, this design enables easy maintenance of both the pump and filter. The user-friendly interface allows for quick disassembly and reassembly without the need for tools. This accessibility simplifies routine maintenance tasks, ensuring that your system remains in optimal working condition.

Overall, the Dual Union 3" CVA Check Valve is a valuable addition to your pond or water feature, guaranteeing smooth water flow and preventing issues associated with backflow. Its thoughtful design and reliable performance make it an essential component for maintaining the functionality and efficiency of your system.