PondScape Defender

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Introducing DEFENDER

Your reliable maintenance formula for a thriving pond ecosystem. 🌿✨ This powerful blend stabilizes your pond's micro-nutrients, reducing stringy debris on rocks, waterfalls, and streams. It discourages new growth of unwanted debris and helps bind phosphates, keeping your water pristine and minimizing pond maintenance.

DEFENDER Directions:

1 scoop treats up to 100 gallons/380 L of pond water. Mix the product into a bucket with warm water and pour it around the pond's perimeter and in stream/waterfall areas for proper dispersion. Apply once a week to maintain optimum water quality or as preventative maintenance.


For ponds lacking sufficient filtration, being overstocked with fish, or experiencing extremely poor water quality, safely triple the treatment quantity to 3 scoops per 100 gallons until the desired water quality is achieved.

For Optimal Results:

Ensure water has a pH of 5.7-9.5 and a minimum temperature of 48°F/9°C.

Experience the difference with DEFENDER – the key to a pristine and effortlessly maintained pond. 🌊✨