Aquascape Color-Changing Fountain Light Kit

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The Aquascape Color-Changing Fountain Light Kit is a comprehensive package designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your fountains. It comes equipped with everything you need for an impressive lighting display. The kit effortlessly attaches to the top of the fountain using an integrated barbed fitting, ensuring a straightforward installation process.

The standout feature of these lights is their ability to change colors, providing you with a diverse range of color options to choose from. Additionally, the lights have integrated white diodes that emit a warm white light when desired, offering flexibility in creating the desired ambiance.

Operating on low voltage, these lights are remarkably energy-efficient, aligning with eco-friendly practices. The kit also includes professional, weatherproof quick-connect fittings that make installation quick and hassle-free.

The Aquascape Color-Changing Fountain Light Kit contains one fountain light, a 12-volt transformer for power, and a wireless remote that enables you to conveniently control the light settings. This all-in-one kit ensures that you can easily create captivating light displays in your fountain, transforming it into a mesmerizing focal point of your outdoor space.