PondScape Cold Water Koi and Goldfish Food

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Cold Water Koi & Goldfish Food (Wheat Germ)

  • Contains stabilized vitamin C and brewers yeast to promote fish development
  • Wheat based diet ideal for feeding during colder periods of the year
  • Low protein, low fat diet that is easily digested by fish during colder water temperatures
  • Contains all natural nutritional supplement designed to improve disease resistance
  • Excellent floatability and does not cloud water
  • 5.0 mm (3/16″) floating pellet
  • 28% Protein, 4% Fat, 5% Fiber and 11% Moisture

When to Feed Your Fish:

Fish can be fed one to three times a day and only as much as they can consume in five minutes. When water temperatures are below 50° F (10° C) use PondScape Cold Water Koi and Goldfish Food. Stop feeding fish altogether when water temperatures fall below 39° F (4° C). PondScape Color & Growth Koi & Goldfish Foods can be fed when water temperatures are consistently above 50° F (10° C).