Blue Thumb Pond Fix

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Keep ponds and water gardens with live plants and fish clean and clear with Pond Fix™
Pond Fix™ is a dry algaecide application that works great in ponds, pond-less falls, Formal Falls® and fountains.

Quickly lifts debris from rocks, waterfalls & gravel
Great for ponds with fish & plants
Works on contact
Adds oxygen to the pond
For Best Results:
Use Pond Fix™ and Pond Cleaner™ in rotating treatments to help maintain a healthy, sparkling clean water feature year-round.

Application Directions: We suggest turning off waterfalls and streams during application. While the surface is wet, sprinkle Pond Fix™ over affected areas. Wait up to 20 minutes for debris to lift before spraying with hose and restarting pump.

Safe for fish and plants when used as directed.
Sudden changes in water conditions not consistent with label may result in loss or injury to aquatic life.
Blue Thumb is not responsible for loss of aquatic life.

Surface Area Treated:

2lb treats 800 sq.ft.
10lb treats 4,000 sq.ft.
25lb treats 10,000 sq.ft.