Blue Thumb Pond Cleaner Dry

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Pond Cleaner (Dry)

Pond Cleaner Dry is specially formulated to keep a pond re-seeded with Biological Bacteria. Use Pond Cleaner weekly to improve the overall pond ecosystem leading toward a cleaner and healthier pond. Pond Cleaner neutralizes and removes high levels of Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrates.

Pond Cleaner Dry works best when given time for the germination process to take place. Allow 1-2 weeks for complete Biological filtration to take effect. Pond Cleaner is great for any size pond.

• Excellent Water Clarifier
• Seeds Biological Filtration
• Removes Ammonia, Nitrite, & Nitrate

• 1oz Treats 1,000 gallons
• 8oz Treats 8,000 gallons
• 2lb Treats 32,000 gallons
• 6lb Treats 96,000 gallons
• 25lb Treats 400,000 gallons