Blue Thumb Muck Buster

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Muck Buster

Muck Buster's multi-purpose cleaning action cleans ponds with an unprecedented combination of activated barley, natural bacteria, enzymes and a powerful secret ingredient. These ingredients work in tandem to clean, polish and break down dead organic debris that settles to the ponds bottom.

Contains activated barley.
Removes sludge from pond bottom.
Removes slimy debris from ponds, waterfalls & streams.
Safe for all aquatic life.
1oz treats 500 gallons.

PB2101 - 1 LB. treats 8,000 gallons
PB2118 - 2.5 LB treats 20,000 gallons
PB2125 - 6 LB treats 48,000 gallons
PB2675 - 25 LB treats 200,000 gallons
PB2682 - 24 tablets treats 4,000 gallons