Blue Thumb Iris Flower Copper Fountain- Complete Kit

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ABCF250K - Copper Fountain Kit - Red Iris Flower

Copper Fountain Flowers bring together art, metal, & water exactly where they your home. Hand made by our designer in the most tranquil place in the midst of the deep woodlands in England. Every single element of these sculpted fountains, including the leaves, are hand cut and hand made creating the most beautiful of fountains. No two pieces are exactly identical ensuring individuality and zest in all designs.

Red Iris Flower
Tree measures 50" high
Achelous AquaBox Basin
800gph Mag-Drive Pump
Includes stainless steel mesh prefilter pump bag to prevent clogging.
Tubing, ball valve and required fittings
Polished Pebbles not included, but are available. 200 lbs. recommended.