Blue Thumb Fountain Basin Autofill Kit

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The perfect solution for your fountain basins and AquaBox® basins. With this innovative auto-fill kit, you can effortlessly maintain your water feature without the hassle of manually adding water.

Say goodbye to constant monitoring and hello to convenience. This kit is specifically designed to keep your fountain basin or AquaBox® basin topped off, so you can enjoy your water feature worry-free. The ABDAUTO Auto Fill Kit easily hooks up to any 1/2" line or garden hose, making installation a breeze.

To ensure optimal performance, we strongly recommend pairing the auto-fill kit with our 30 PSI Regulator. This regulator (shown below) controls water pressure, preventing any potential issues such as continuous operation.
30 psi regulator

Rest assured, your water feature will stay perfectly balanced with the 30 PSI maximum pressure provided by this kit.

Experience the convenience of an always-maintained water feature with the ABDAUTO - Auto Fill Kit - 1/2". Upgrade your fountain basin or AquaBox® basin today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with hassle-free maintenance.