Blue Thumb Elite Medium 22" Cascading Falls Kit

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Max Size: 15' L x 2-4' W Stream
Complete kit ready for installation
Our Pond-Less Waterfalls let you enjoy all the restful and relaxing benefits of a waterfall without the safety or maintenance concerns of a pond. Families with young children or small yards will delight in this beautiful option. Cascading Waterfalls make an excellent choice in many settings, both residential and commercial. From short and narrow falls to wide and long falls, the design opportunities are endless so let your creative juices flow!

What's Included:

Cascade Spillway Box
Submersible Blue Thumb Pump
Pump Canyon® (Vault)
Pump Discharge Asssembly
Water Matrix
Black PVC Flex Pipe
Installation Kit
Fish-Friendly Rubber Liner
Protective Underliner
Muck Buster
Rocks & Gravel Not Included