Aquascape Blue Pond Dye

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Aquascape Blue Pond Dye offers a safe and effective solution for maintaining the cleanliness, clarity, and coolness of your pond water. This non-toxic dye is specifically formulated to enhance your pond's appearance and overall health.

Key Features:
- Non-Toxic Formula: The dye is completely safe for aquatic life, including fish, plants, and wildlife that might come into contact with the water.
- Clean and Clear Water: By adding a natural blue tint to the water, the dye helps to reduce the visibility of debris and provides a clearer appearance to your pond.
- Temperature Control: The dye aids in keeping the water cooler during warmer months, creating a more comfortable environment for fish and other pond inhabitants.
- Seasonal Use: Suitable for both spring and summer application, the dye is especially beneficial when plants haven't yet provided shade or as temperatures rise.
- Fish Stress Reduction: In spring, when plants haven't grown enough to offer hiding spots, the dye helps reduce stress on fish by providing some shade and protection.
- Enzyme Breakdown: The dye contains enzymes that assist in breaking down unwanted debris and sludge, especially after spring cleaning.

- Bottle treats up to 5,000 gallons.
- Recommended dosage: One pump per 100 gallons.

Aquascape Blue Pond Dye offers a versatile and environmentally friendly solution to maintain your pond's visual appeal and ecosystem balance while ensuring the well-being of its inhabitants.