Aquascape Blue Heron Decoy

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Discourage herons from visiting your pond with the innovative Heron Decoy. Crafted to resemble a lifelike heron, this decoy effectively tricks other herons into perceiving the presence of a potential competitor.

Key Features:
- Lifelike Appearance: The decoy is intricately designed to closely resemble an actual heron, enhancing its effectiveness in deterring other herons.
- Easy Setup: Quick and simple installation is facilitated by the included mounting stake, allowing you to place the decoy strategically around your pond.
- Durable Construction: Made from lightweight and durable polymer, the decoy is built to withstand outdoor elements.
- Non-Fading and Non-Glare Paint: The hand-painted decoy features all-weather paint that remains vivid and glare-free, ensuring its longevity.
- Prevents Paint Flaking: The surface of the decoy is specially treated to prevent paint flaking, maintaining its appearance over time.

- Decoy: 29″ L x 7.5″ W x 43″ H
- Mounting Stake: Included for easy installation

Effectively create the illusion of a presence to deter unwanted herons from your pond and protect your aquatic ecosystem with the Heron Decoy.