Blue Thumb Canyon Matrix

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Blue Thumb's Canyon Matrix™ all-in-one system houses and protects the pump while maximizing water volume for your backyard waterfall. It's perfect for smaller cascading falls, including that backyard stream you've been dreaming about.

Canyon Matrix™ Specifications:
Dimensions: 26.5"L x 16"W x 11.5"H, or 13"H with a pump access lid
Max Pump Flow: 2500 gph
Capacity: Provides 21 gallons of water storage
Slots cut in the sides of the vault allow water to freely enter the chamber.
A 2" hole allows 1.5" flex hose passthrough from the pump up to your spillway.
An Autofill spinweld allows you to add an autofill kit (PB1342 sold separately) to keep maintenance to a minimum.
Blue Thumb backs our in-house engineered products with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty.