Aquascape Barley Straw Extract Professional Grade

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Aquascape Barley Straw Extract Professional Grade brings the proven power of barley straw to the hands of discerning pond professionals. For centuries, barley straw has been hailed for its ability to naturally enhance water clarity in ponds and streams. Now, our Professional Grade Extract amplifies the benefits of this age-old method, offering a concentrated and effective solution.

Crafted with precision, each bottle of Barley Straw Extract Professional Grade is 25% more concentrated than its consumer counterpart. This heightened concentration ensures that pond professionals have access to the most potent formulation available, catering to the specific needs of their water features.

With its application, the extract immediately springs into action, harnessing the inherent qualities of barley straw to clarify your pond water. Moreover, this potent blend contains enzymes that contribute to the breakdown of sludge and the cleansing of filter pads, significantly reducing the maintenance workload.

Aquascape Barley Straw Extract Professional Grade prioritizes the health of your ecosystem, ensuring its safety for fish, plants, pets, and wildlife. The package includes a measuring cup and dosage guide, simplifying the application process. Each gallon of treatment contained in the bottle can treat up to 96,000 gallons of water, delivering long-lasting and effective results. Experience the advantages of our Professional Grade Extract and witness the transformation of your pond into a clear and vibrant oasis.