Atlantic PS7000 Skimmer Filter (9" Weir @ 7,000gph)

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Atlantic Skimmers house and protect your pump and plumbing while clearing surface debris from the pond. Atlantic's Pond Skimmers feature more size and filtration options and greater strength and versatility. All Skimmers excluding the PS3000 accept two pumps for increased flow, lower operating costs and multiple spillway options. Multiple filtration options including net, mats and brushes let you customize to fit every water garden. Reinforced structures eliminate warping, deformation and callbacks. Faceplate hardware is black anodized stainless steel for maximum concealment and longevity. Multiple plumbing, check valve and ionizer options make these Skimmers the most versatile on the market. PS3000 Satellite Skimmer plumbs to a larger Skimmer (PS7000/PS15000) to draw water from hard to reach areas using an AquaMax Eco Premium Pump, installed inside the liner. The PS7000 features a sturdy removable top lid that supports natural rock camouflage and foot traffic. The heavy-duty brush panel provides maximum surface area for mechanical filtration. The heavy-duty stainless steel framed trap net is idea for catching large debris and the rolled upper rim provides clean lines and great strength. The Super Flow weir door maximizes skimming efficiency and the ribbed design enhances structural rigidity and strength. The PS7000 has a weir width of 9”, an internal water depth of 17.5”, a max pump flow of 7,000 GPH and matches to the BF2600. It has a net and brush panel filtration and a lifetime (enclosure) warranty.