Aquascape AquaGarden Stand

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Enhance both the aesthetic and practical aspects of your AquaGarden Mini Pond Kit with the exquisite AquaGarden Stand, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your indoor or outdoor space. Boasting a sleek and contemporary design complemented by a matte black finish, the stand seamlessly integrates with any environment, elevating the visual appeal of your setup.

Designed to elevate your mini pond to new heights, the AquaGarden Stand serves both form and function. By raising your AquaGarden, it allows for easier enjoyment and admiration of its captivating features. The stand is meticulously crafted to bear the weight of your mini pond securely, ensuring stability while enhancing its accessibility.

Custom-made for the AquaGarden, the stand features a unique flange that prevents lateral movement, ensuring your unit remains perfectly in place. With the flexibility to turn the container to your preferred angle, you can achieve the ideal viewing orientation.

Constructed from robust iron materials, the stand exudes durability, and its triple powder-coated finish offers protection against outdoor elements. This thoughtful design ensures years of unwavering enjoyment. Measuring 13.25” in diameter and standing at 16” tall, the stand raises your AquaGarden to a height of 25 1/2”, granting it a commanding presence that catches the eye.

To cater to various surfaces and settings, anti-scratch feet are seamlessly integrated into the bottom of the stand, allowing you to confidently display your AquaGarden on indoor surfaces, decks, and more. Elevate your AquaGarden Mini Pond Kit's aesthetics and functionality with the AquaGarden Stand, a testament to thoughtful design and enduring beauty.

Stand Dimensions: 13.25” Diameter x 16” Height
Elevated AquaGarden Height: 25 1/2”