Anjon Completely Clear System 1200

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Anjon Pump & Fountain Set CC-1200
For Ponds to 1,000 gallons with no fish
OR to 600 gallons with moderate fish load
525 Gallon Per Hour Pump
Base unit dimensions: 17"L x 12"W x6"H
Overall height: 22"
Cord length: 25'
Weight: 13lbs

9 Watt UV Clarifier
Eliminates green water by sterilizing suspended free floating algae
Zeolite Crystals
Zeolite reduces harmful ammonia in your Koi pond, creating a cleaner and healthier environment for your Koi and goldfish
Built in Diverter Valve
Water flows to the fountain head (1) or divert some (2) to a pondside spitter
525 GPH Pump
Extremely energy efficient magnetic drive pump runs for pennies a day
Bio Balls
Versatile and compact, the unique shape dramatically increases the surface area in your filter to colonize beneficial bacteria

Replacement UV Bulb

Replacement Filter Media

Replacement Zeolite Crystals

Replacement Pump

Replacement Fountain Set

Replacement Transformer