Aquascape Algaecide

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Aquascape Algaecide offers a potent solution to tackle algae-related concerns in ponds, waterfalls, and fountains. This liquid product effectively and swiftly combats algae, putting an end to its growth. By using Algaecide, you can maintain clear water and significantly reduce the need for pond and fountain upkeep. This formulation addresses both string algae growth and single-celled floating algae, commonly referred to as green water. The removal of algae will grant you more leisure time to appreciate your water feature, minimizing the time spent on maintenance. The dosing is convenient, as just a teaspoon treats 50 gallons of water, ensuring precision and simplicity in application. Additionally, Algaecide is safe for use in ponds with fish and plants, providing a comprehensive solution for algae control.

Please note that Aquascape Algaecide is available for purchase within the United States only.