Aquascape 3-Light Spotlight Kit

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Experience hassle-free illumination with the Aquascape 3-Light Spotlight Kit. This comprehensive kit provides all the essentials for lighting up fountains, small ponds, or traditional landscapes, removing the complexity of selecting lighting components individually.

Included in the kit are three pre-wired, permanently sealed 1-watt lighting fixtures. Each fixture boasts the light output equivalent of a 10-watt halogen light, with three powerful LED diodes that emit a natural 3000K warm color light. With a bulb life span of 40,000 hours and an output of 140 lumens, these fixtures are not only energy-efficient but also long-lasting. They offer a remarkable 90% energy savings compared to traditional halogen lighting.

Enhancing the convenience factor, the kit features a Quick-Connect Photocell with Timer (item #84039), automating the on/off cycle of your lighting. The provided 6-watt transformer ensures ample power supply for the entire system.

Each lighting fixture can be fully submerged in water or set in conventional landscape settings. The kit includes adjustable stands and landscape stakes for effortless installation. Backed by a 5-year limited warranty, the Aquascape 3-Light Spotlight Kit guarantees both peace of mind and radiant results.

Kit Contents:
- Three pre-wired 1-watt LED lighting fixtures
- Adjustable stands and landscape stakes
- 6-watt /12 V transformer
- Pond and Landscape Quick-Connect Photocell with Timer
- 5-year limited warranty

- Each fixture's light output is equivalent to a 10-watt halogen light
- Bulb life of 40,000 hours
- Emit natural warm color light at 3000K