Aquascape 2-Way Flow Control Valve

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Easily manage water flow with the Aquascape 2-Way Flow Control Valve. This valve is designed to efficiently regulate water distribution from a single outlet to two separate water lines. With adjustable flow control mechanisms, achieving the desired water flow balance between the two outlets is simple and convenient.

Equipped with multi-hose adapter fittings, connecting the valve to 1", 1.25", or 1.5" kink-free pipes is hassle-free. Each fitting is thoughtfully removable, allowing for easy component removal when necessary, facilitated by the tool-free collar on each fitting. The Aquascape 2-Way Flow Control Valve proves valuable in applications requiring water flow bypassing, such as installations involving UV clarifiers and pressure filters.

Experience enhanced water management capabilities with the Aquascape 2-Way Flow Control Valve. Its versatility, adjustable features, and compatibility with various pipe sizes make it an essential tool for optimizing water distribution in your setup.