Aquascape 2-Way Aeration Compressor Manifold

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Enhance your aeration system effortlessly with the Aquascape 2-Way Aeration Compressor Manifold. This manifold is tailored to complement the Pro Air 60 Aeration Compressor, making it an ideal addition to your setup.

Crafted from durable stainless steel, the manifold easily screws into the compressor outlet, providing a seamless installation process. Its design allows for the connection of two separate airlines, optimizing the efficiency and coverage of your aeration system. Additionally, the manifold offers individual airflow valve controls, giving you the flexibility to customize and adjust the airflow for each airline based on your specific needs.

Upgrade the performance of your aeration system with the Aquascape 2-Way Aeration Compressor Manifold. Its compatibility, durable construction, and dual airline capability make it an essential component for enhancing the effectiveness of your aeration setup.