Aquascape 1/4″ Fire Glass

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Elevate your fire feature with Aquascape ¼” Fire Glass – a versatile fire media perfect for enhancing the ambiance of fire and water fountains, fireplaces, fire pits, and beyond. This elegant addition brings a touch of modern sophistication to any environment, refracting light to create a mesmerizing shimmering effect.

Key Features:
- Versatile Enhancement: Suitable for fire and water fountains, fireplaces, fire pits, and more, Aquascape Fire Glass adds a refined touch to diverse settings.
- Captivating Aesthetics: The fade-resistant translucent glass refracts light, resulting in a captivating play of shimmering brilliance.
- Built to Last: Freeze-tested and tempered to endure prolonged exposure to high heat, the glass pieces are approximately ¼” thick and showcase varying sizes and shapes.
- Clean and Smoke-Free: Unlike traditional fire media, Aquascape fire glass is free from producing soot, ash, or smoke. It will not degrade, melt, or emit toxic fumes, ensuring a clean and enjoyable fire experience.
- Sustainability Assured: Our fire glass is compatible with natural gas or propane-powered gas units, promoting sustainability and efficiency.
- Creative Applications: Not limited to fire features, this glass can replace fake logs or lava rocks in existing setups and can be used creatively in both outdoor landscapes and interior decor.

Elevate your fire feature's allure and ambiance with Aquascape ¼” Fire Glass – a fusion of aesthetics and practicality that transforms ordinary into extraordinary.