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Since laying the foundation of our very first pond back in 1997, we've journeyed through countless landscapes, crafting thousands of water features and nurturing them through maintenance and repairs – a number fivefold. This odyssey through time has not only honed our skills but has also engraved a rich tapestry of experiences, ensuring there isn't a challenge we haven't faced or a question we can't answer. With every project, we've fortified our expertise, making us the seasoned guardians of your aquatic dreams.


In the ever-evolving landscape of water features, many have ventured into our domain, drawn by the allure of the tranquil waters we so passionately craft. From landscapers to pool installers, the market is brimming with those who believe that if it holds water, it's within their grasp. Yet, the art of pond installation is nuanced, steeped in a depth of knowledge and experience that transcends general expertise. At PondScape, we don't just install ponds; we live and breathe them. Our legacy is built on precision, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. For a pond that not only exists but thrives and enchants from the very first installation, the choice is clear. PondScape is not just an option; it's your guarantee of perfection.


Opting for PondScape is more than a choice; it's a declaration of uncompromising excellence in the realm of ponds and water features. Our heart and soul are dedicated solely to these aquatic marvels, ensuring every ripple and every reflection is a testament to unmatched expertise and passion. We don't just dabble in water features as an add-on service; they are our craft, our pride, and our legacy. With PondScape, you're not just choosing a service; you're entrusting your vision to the finest artisans in the water feature world.


At PondScape, our allegiance to excellence is reflected not just in our craftsmanship but also in our choice of allies. We collaborate exclusively with the crème de la crème of manufacturers, ensuring our arsenal of products is nothing short of the best. Our inventory is a living entity, continuously evolving and expanding, guaranteeing that your selections are at the forefront of quality and innovation. When you choose from our curated collection, rest assured, "cheap" is not in our vocabulary. With PondScape, it's about enduring value that enhances your aquatic paradise.


At PondScape, our vision stretches far beyond the local horizons to embrace every corner of the United States. We believe that distance should never be a barrier to accessing the best in pond and water feature supplies. That's why our website proudly offers shipping across the entire nation. Whether you're nestled in the bustling heart of a city or perched in a tranquil town, we're committed to bringing our top-notch products right to your doorstep. Because for us, it's about building a community of water feature enthusiasts everywhere, not just nearby.


Thanks to our enduring partnerships with leading vendors, we've woven a network of trust and mutual benefit that pays forward—right to your doorstep. At PondScape, we're not just about securing the best products; we're about securing the best deals for our community. Our privileged position allows us to offer you prices that often dip below the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). This means every time you choose us for your pond and water feature needs, you're not just getting unmatched quality; you're also tapping into tangible savings that we delight in sharing with you.


In the world of water feature maintenance, installation, and service, longevity and expertise go hand in hand, and at PondScape, we're a testament to that truth. Our enduring presence in this niche is not just a matter of time—it's a reflection of the top-notch work we consistently deliver. Being around as long as we have, it's inevitable that our commitment to excellence gets recognized. It's this blend of experience and quality that sets us apart, making PondScape not just a choice, but a mark of distinction for your outdoor space.


At PondScape, we've invested immeasurable time and considerable resources into mastering our craft, learning from the foremost experts in the field to ensure we offer an unparalleled experience in every facet of our business. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the elite caliber of our team—from the skilled artisans who handle installations to the meticulous experts overseeing maintenance. Coupled with the most comprehensive selection of products in the area, we guarantee not just service, but an exceptional journey in creating and caring for your water feature.


Navigating your pond's needs starts with customized guidance at PondScape.com. We leverage your previous purchases, accessible with just a few taps on your mobile device, to shape recommendations that resonate with your specific journey. This proactive approach ensures that every suggestion we make is a perfect fit for your water feature's ongoing story. The convenience of having your entire purchase history in the palm of your hand not only simplifies pond management but also enriches your experience with advice that's as unique as your outdoor oasis.


Understanding the cost of a pond installation is a bit like inquiring about the price of a car—it varies widely based on your unique preferences and needs. Just as the make, model, and features of a car influence its price, the size, custom features, placement, and specific components you choose for your water feature will significantly impact the overall cost. Each pond we create is tailored to the individual visions of our clients, making it essential to consider these personalized details when estimating your investment.

The timeline for our services can vary greatly, much like the diversity in the services themselves. What we can offer is this key insight: the most common hold-up in initiating any project is often the wait for necessary forms and documents from our clients. Swift submission of these essential items can significantly expedite the scheduling process, allowing us to commence work on your project much sooner. Timeliness on your part translates directly to efficiency on ours.

This is where the fun begins! In fact, these scenarios are among our favorites. If you're drawn to the idea of a water feature but feel adrift in the sea of possibilities, our On-Site Consultation is the perfect starting point. Inviting one of our experienced Design Foremen to your space allows us to truly understand the potential of your area and kickstart our creativity. This consultation isn't just about us viewing your space; it's your chance to share your dreams and aspirations, however broad or undefined. From there, we'll guide you through transforming those dreams into tangible, breathtaking water features. Dream big – we're here to bring it to life.

Our reputation for excellence is no secret, and it's something we wear as a badge of honor. But with great reputation comes high demand, and as much as we wish we could offer same-day services, our calendar fills up quickly. Seasonal maintenance tasks—like Spring Cleanouts, Fall Netting, and Winter Shutdowns—tend to see a surge all at once, as everyone is looking to prepare their ponds at the same time. The golden rule to avoid the wait? Act early. The sooner you get your forms in, the higher up you'll be on the list. We operate strictly on a first-come, first-serve basis to ensure fairness and efficiency in managing our workload.

In our books, an emergency is any situation that threatens the life within your pond or could cause irreparable damage to your water feature or property. We're talking about critical scenarios that can't wait—like conditions posing immediate risk to aquatic life or the structural integrity of your pond or home. While we understand that issues like leaks, malfunctioning lights, or pumps are significant, they don't fall into the emergency category.

Rest assured, we prioritize emergencies with the utmost urgency, potentially moving such service requests to the top of our list, based on our professional assessment. However, it's crucial to remember that even in these pressing times, the completion of all necessary paperwork and procedures remains a must. This ensures we can provide the swift, efficient, and safe resolution your situation demands.

PondScape employee removing sand with a shovel for a water feature inside of an Animal Sanctuary in Jupiter Florida
A PondScape employee pressuring washing pond debris out of a pond during an annual cleanout


J. L.

Cannot say enough how much we appreciate the work of Pondscape. We purchased a large spillway bowl for our pond online, which arrived damaged. Louis kept in touch with updates along the way and a replacement was successfully sent after being on backorder. The experience exceeded my expectations. Keep up the great work!

Stephanie B.

I had a tree branch come down on Tuesday and that windstorm. We thought it didn’t do anything but before we knew it within 12 hours we were leaking large amounts of water got a hold of someone at PondScape had two pond contractors out there within an hours, drained my pond handled my fish with Care, and fixed a big hole that the tree branch had put in the side of the liner. Very courteous and kind there’s just no words for how pleased I am, I would recommend them to anybody, and I will be having them back here for future care of the pond hopefully not for such a dire emergency, but they were very wonderful and amazing to work with. Thank you very much PondScape you’re on my speed dial.

Julie L.

I have to say that Zac is the best ... my HERO. I called with a challenge, and Zac came to the rescue. Zac's charismatic personality instantly put me at ease during my plight and gave me hope that he would find me a solution. I was looking for parts on an old pump that came to find out has been discontinued. Zac went above and beyond to find me an alternate replacement unit that will work perfectly. I think that if there was ever to be an employee of the month or even year ... Zac would be it!!! Thanks again.

Jayne S.

The retail associates in the store are very knowledgeable and helpful when coming with a specific problem. Friendly and easy to talk to, would definitely recommend. If an item is not in the store, they usually will order it for you, and it is available within a couple days.

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